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dare to


photography by daniel tijesuni

visual art prints


in the hands & homes of
Black & Latino boys


goal to raise $7,000

funds support one visual art print (per young male), printing, framing, and shipping

the why

representing diverse voices in art is crucial, especially for Black and Latino boys. research consistently shows that exposure to visual art enhances cognitive abilities, fosters creativity, and promotes critical thinking skills in children. when it comes to representation, it's not just about aesthetics—it's about affirming identity and instilling a sense of pride.


studies indicate that children who see themselves reflected in art develop higher self-esteem and a stronger sense of cultural identity. unfortunately, there's a historical lack of representation for Black and Latino artists in mainstream art, which can leave these young minds feeling marginalized. by placing the work of 10 talented Black and Latino male visual artists into the hands & homes of 500 boys, the "art like me representation project" is actively addressing that gap.

in a world where diversity should be celebrated, the "art like me" project is not just putting art on walls; it's creating windows into a world where every Black and Latino boy can see themselves as artists, creators, and contributors to the rich tapestry of human expression. 

the who? 

  • Black and Latino males between the ages of newborn and 12th grade.

the what? 

  • one free visual art print (various sizes will be available), framed, and shipped

the when? 

  • artists announcement and registration opens in the coming days!


Artwork announcement coming soon!

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